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Title: Ultrastructural and molecular analyzes of insulin-producing cells induced from human hepatoma cells.
Authors: Perán, Macarena
Sánchez Ferrero, Aitor
Tosh, David
Marchal, Juan Antonio
López, Elena
Álvarez, Pablo
Boulaiz, Houria
Rodríguez Serrano, Fernando
Aránega, Antonia
Abstract: Background aims. Diabetes type I is an autoimmune disease characterized by the destruction of pancreatic insulin-producing (beta-) cells and resulting in external insulin dependence for life. Islet transplantation represents a potential treatment for diabetes but there is currently a shortage of suitable organs donors. To augment the supply of donors, different strategies are required to provide a potential source of beta-cells. These sources include embryonic and adult stem cells as well as differentiated cell types. The main goal of this study was to induce the transdifferentiation (or conversion of one type cell to another) of human hepatoma cells (HepG2 cells) to insulin-expressing cells based on the exposure of HepG2 cells to an extract of rat insulinoma cells (RIN). Methods. HepG2 cells were fi rst transiently permeabilized with Streptolysin O and then exposed to a cell extract obtained from RIN cells. Following transient exposure to the RIN extract, the HepG2 cells were cultured for 3 weeks. Results. Acquisition of the insulin-producing cell phenotype was determined on the basis of (i) morphologic and (ii) ultrastructural observations, (iii) immunologic detection and (iv) reverse transcription (RT)- polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. Conclusions. This study supports the use of cell extract as a feasible method for achieve transdifferentiation of hepatic cells to insulin-producing cells.
Keywords: beta-cells , diabetes , insulin-producing cells , transdifferentiation
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: 50. Perán M, Sánchez-Ferrero A, Tosh D, Marchal JA, López E, Alvarez P, Boulaiz H, Rodríguez-Serrano F, Aranega A. Ultrastructural and molecular analyzes of insulin-producing cells induced from human hepatoma cells. Cytotherapy. 2011 Feb;13(2):193-200.
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