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Titre: Quality specification and control of a point cloud from a TLS survey using ISO 19157 standard
Auteur(s): Ariza-López, Francisco J.
Reinoso-Gordo, Juan F.
García-Balboa, José L.
Ariza-López, Iñigo
Résumé: This paper presents an application of the ISO 19157 framework to the case of a point cloud (PC) representing a heritage asset whose purpose is to serve specific use cases that could be managed in a building information modeling (BIM) environment. The main contribution of this study is to clarify the relationships between the different parts of the ISO 19157 framework applied to heritage building information modeling (HBIM) products derived from terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) surveys by means of a running example. This paper presents a proposal to evaluate, control and report on the quality of the TLS survey of the Ariza Bridge (a 16th century construction). In order to achieve this objective the data quality specifications that must be met are defined by describing and identifying the requirements of five use cases of the data product: 3D visualization, location transfer, measurement, plane generation and absolute positioning. The specifications, according to ISO 19157, are formalized by selecting the data quality element to be measured, its scope, the measure used and the level of conformity necessary for the element to be accepted. In addition, the control methods for each quality element are proposed.
Mots-clés: Point cloud
quality control
heritage documentation
Date de publication: 2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Universidad de Jaén / CBUA (open access charge), Regional Government of Andalucía (grant no. PAIDI-TEP-164) and Universidad de Jaén (grant no. TEP164_2021, POAIUJA 21-22).
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