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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05A Cohesion-driven Consensus Reaching Process for Large Scale Group Decision Making under a Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets EnvironmentRodríguez, Rosa M.; Labella, Álvaro; Sesma-Sara, Mikel; Bustince, Humberto; Martínez, Luis
2020-03A cost consensus metric for Consensus Reaching Processes based on a comprehensive minimum cost modelLabella, Álvaro; Liu, Hongbin; Rodríguez, Rosa M.; Martínez, Luis
2013-08A Group Decision Making Model Dealing with Comparative Linguistic Expressions based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term SetsRodríguez, Rosa M.; Martínez, Luis; Herrera, Francisco
2018-11A large scale consensus reaching process managing group hesitationRodríguez, Rosa M.; Labella, Álvaro; De Tré, Guy; Martínez, Luis
2022-03-23A Linguistic Group Best–Worst Method for Measuring Good Governance in the Third Sector: A Spanish Case StudyLicerán-Gutiérrez, Ana; Ortega-Rodríguez, Cristina; Moreno-Albarracín, Antonio Luis; Labella, Álvaro; Rodríguez, Rosa María; Martínez, Luis
2012-07An Analysis of Symbolic Linguistic Computing Models in Decision MakingRodríguez, Rosa M.; Martínez, Luis
2021-03Comprehensive minimum cost models for large scale group decision making with consistent fuzzy preference relationsRodríguez, Rosa M.; Labella, Álvaro; Dutta, Bapi; Martínez, Luis
2018-03Consistency of hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relations: An interval consistency indexLi, CongCong; Rodriguez, Rosa M.; Herrera, Francisco; Martínez, Luis; Dong, Yucheng
2014-04Hesitant Fuzzy Sets: State of the Art and Future DirectionsRodríguez, Rosa M.; Martínez, Luis; Torra, Vicenç; Xu, Zeshui; Herrera, Francisco
2011-10Optimization algorithm for learning consistent belief rule-base from examplesLiu, Jun; Martínez, Luis; Ruan, Da; Rodríguez, Rosa M.; Calzada, Alberto
2021-05-04Transparency indicators to improve accountability for non-profit organizations: A Spanish case studyMoreno-Albarracín, Antonio Luis; Ortega-Rodríguez, Cristina; Licerán-Gutiérrez, Ana; Labella, Álvaro; Martínez, Luis
2010-06Using Linguistic Incomplete Preference Relations to Cold start RecommendationsRodríguez, Rosa M.; Espinilla, Macarena; Sánchez, Pedro J.; Martínez, Luis